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S.Jhoanna Robledo

July 29, 2013
A Pool of One’s Own

Eight of the city’s most decadent private pools.

July 29, 2013
A Building With a Pool

Means you never have to pick up a skimmer. Here, options for barbecue-loving Brooklynites and uptown bagillionaires alike.

July 29, 2013
Ask a Pool Guy

John Dugan, of Manhattan-based pool-maintenance company American Pool Enterprises, has seen a lot of scum lines, but no drowned rats.

July 29, 2013
Permits, Costs, and Meddling Neighbors

What to know before you start digging.

May 27, 2013
The International Exchange

How three New York City apartments fare on the global home-swapping block.

May 27, 2013
Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate

And other steps to take before signing on the dotted line.

May 27, 2013
Rent Here, Not There

For those priced out of—or just bored by—the Montauks of the world, six alternative haunts.

May 27, 2013
Rent the Life

An Amish farm, a working lighthouse, an island all to yourself, and other summer-rental fantasies.

April 22, 2013 | Intelligencer
Real Estate Déjà Vu

Is this 2006 all over again?

April 15, 2013
Total Converts

Inside the former stables, churches, and NYPD control rooms that some New Yorkers call home.

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