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November 17, 2003
No Rough Stuff

Yes, we’re more likely to show off the results in the summer, but exfoliation is just as important in the cooler months, when skin tends to dry out.

November 10, 2003
Wall Flowers

When we fantasize about life in a mile-long, pure-white loft, the walls are dotted with splashy vintage posters. We cultivate this fantasy at Chelsea’s Gail Chisholm Gallery, recently relocated to a sunny new loft.

October 27, 2003
Gimme Some Sugar

Even though New York’s mean streets aren’t prime trick-or-treating territory (unless you mean something else by “trick”), we’re still better equipped for the holiday than anyplace else in America.

October 20, 2003
Drink Up

No matter what the New York Post says, the smoking ban didnÂ’t really matter to bar-goers in its first, warm-weather months, when ducking outside for a butt was no big deal.

October 6, 2003
Ticking Along

Sisters Grace and Amy Szuwala have been in the watch-repair business since 1978. “In the beginning, people were skeptical because they thought we were too young,” remembers Grace, now 43. “They wanted to know where the repairmen were.”

September 29, 2003
Good-Bye, Mister Chips

It's a familiar scenario—your perfect pedicure gets an ugly scrape on the first day of vacation. A week of sandals lies ahead, with zero prospect of finding matching nail polish on some tropical island.

September 22, 2003
Upper Crust

Westville pastry chef Ivy Tack bakes the kind of pies you see in old movies and cartoons, the ones that are always placed near an open window to cool, whereupon their wafting aromas prove irresistible to sneak thieves, hoboes, and Jethro Bodine types.

September 15, 2003
Sticky Situation

When I think about breakfast, I always think about my grandmother’s cinnamon rolls,” says Craft pastry chef Karen DeMasco.

August 25, 2003
Charmed Life

If you love the charm concept but can't get excited about a wee golden corgi jangling from your wrist, try Tenthousandthings, where "charm necklaces" (from $1,500) feature clusters of semiprecious stones.

August 18, 2003
Good Hair Day

Walk past the Anthony Gianzero salon in Chelsea, with its glass doors flung open, lush plantings, and people sipping wine on outside benches, and you might mistake it for a hip bar.

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