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The Bottom Line Archive

August 7, 2000
Happy Landings

Making money in this new market has gotten tough, but as the economy glides in for its soft landing, where should smart investors position themselves for the best ride?

July 17, 2000
The Wire This Time

You can't get a decent, reliable high-speed Internet connection in the city yet, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be making money in broadband stocks right now!

June 26, 2000
Short People

Throughout the decade-long bull market, I often missed the thrills and chills of serious short selling; luckily, for those of us with a taste for the downside, good times are back.

June 12, 2000
Bombs Away!

So what if tech tanked? Before it bounces back, there's money to be made in less glamorous sectors, like tobacco and defense. (What, you got a problem with that?)

May 29, 2000
Take a Hike!

So Alan Greenspan really thinks he can quench my desire for stocks by raising interest rates a few measly notches? Come on, man, your rate hikes just make me hotter!

May 15, 2000
Soros Losers

When Wall Street insiders like George Soros start panicking -- and that's all the insiders seem to do these days -- it's time for you and me to stay cool and shop for bargains.

April 24, 2000
Failure Is an Option

The fall of Dana Giacchetto taught the world one important lesson: Managing other people's money is harder than it looks. Just ask Julian Robertson and George Bailey.

April 17, 2000
The Volcano Lover

On those rare and terrifying days like the one we had last Tuesday, when the stock market really starts to erupt, there's only one way to save yourself: Jump in!

April 10, 2000
Power to the People

Wall Street used to be ruled by a few despotic, slow-moving institutional giants. Now the market is driven by millions of miniature Jim Cramers. Are we happy about that?

April 3, 2000
Routers to Riches

By laying down the tracks of the Internet, Cisco has become the railroad of the New Economy. And the phone business may ensure it's not at the end of its growth track.

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