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The Bottom Line Archive

February 15, 1999
Bubble Wrap

When the Net-stock bubble bursts -- thanks, in part, to the increasing flood of dubious IPOs (hello, Prodigy!) -- must serious tech stocks get hit, too?

October 19, 1998
One Untrue Thing

We were supposed to love the 'noncyclicals' category -- Disney, Gillette, Coke -- for better or for worse. So why are these market darlings taking such nasty full-body blows?

August 24, 1998
Hoarse Whisperers

As investment bankers lose their grip on the market, why are so many indie investors obediently reacting to their pronouncements? And why are telco mergers being ignored?

August 10, 1998
Mad Money

Track the Dow for a few hours, and you'll get vertigo. But look beyond the skittering ticker for a minute, and you'll find a thread of logic you can hang on to. Really.

August 3, 1998
Money Machine

Michael Dell is worth $11 billion, and his company has one of the hottest tech stocks around. But unlike a lot of its high-flying brethren, Dell Computer is the real thing.

June 22, 1998
White-Shoe Shuffle

J.P. Morgan has recast itself as the blue chips' one-stop shop. But can the once-invincible bank prevail now that corporate loyalty is passé?

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