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The Bottom Line Archive

August 25, 2002
Sell Low, Buy High

Forget about the flashy past (Microsoft, Motorola, WorldCom), and invest in the future: Coca-Cola, Colgate, and Clorox

July 29, 2002
Back to the Future

How much trouble is the market really in, and how much worse can it get? A miraculous trip forward in time offers the uncanny advantage of 20/20 hindsight.

July 15, 2002
Is This Goose Cooked?

The equities market used to be the long-term investor's golden goose -- with blue chips as the perfect nest egg -- but that was before Osama and WorldCom changed the rules.

June 17, 2002
Take My Cash, Please!

The big brokerage houses don't want your money unless you've got more than $10 million, so where does that leave the average working stiff -- the guy with only, say, half a million or so?

June 3, 2002
Buy, Buy, Bad Bear

Have you given up all hope of making any money on any stock, ever? That's a sure sign that it's time to get back in the market.

May 6, 2002
Villain in the Mirror

Who is that angry, tyrannical, obsessed, monomaniacal trading demon, terrorizing all around him in his relentless pursuit of profit? I don't know, but he looks awfully familiar.

April 22, 2002
The Low Tech Future

Why the life of the tech-stock bear market is going to be nasty, brutish, and almost interminable.

April 8, 2002
Account Me Out

The Arthur Andersen accounting scandal offers the government a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fix a system rife with corruption and double-dealing -- but will it use it?

March 25, 2002
Cycle Killers

The start of a recovery is the time to buy cyclicals; in the old days, that meant smokestack stocks -- traditional manufacturers, now long gone -- but what are the best cyclicals for today?

March 11, 2002
You Talkin' to Me?

There are certain things you can say about Wall Street on talk radio that you still can't say on TV -- that's why Opie and Anthony are about to face some stiff new competition.

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