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The City Politic Archive

November 20, 2000
The Next Campaign

With Trent Lott already acting the playground bully, Mrs. Clinton is girding for the coming round of naysayers -- her colleagues-to-be on the Hill.

November 13, 2000
Seat Happens

Masterpieces From the Vitra Design Museum: Furnishing the Modern Era Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution; through February 4.

November 6, 2000
End Games

Will Bill pull Hill across the finish line first? Will Rick spin the straw of her health-care fiasco into the gold of victory? And is there life after The Race?

November 6, 2000
The Zion Game

Will a Bush administration be "good for the Jews," or should supporters of Israel worry that Dubya's foreign policy might be a replay of his dad's pro-Arab tilt?

October 30, 2000
The Arafat Expert

The author of the Oslo accords always knew Arafat was capable of derailing the peace process, but he believed -- and still believes -- that it's the only option.

October 30, 2000
Race Against Time

Hillary can barely get a rise out of the Post, and the promised heat of the final weeks of the campaign has all but fizzled. Guess who's benefited most?

October 23, 2000
What's Left?

After the violence, many of Israel's longtime peace advocates are wondering whether they've been duped. But others ask: Is there another option?

October 9, 2000
The Soft Corps

Almost as soon as he found the crucial issue that could make him more than "Not Hillary," Rick Lazio's deal with partisan supporters threatened to fall apart.

September 25, 2000
Buffalo Gal

The debate may have helped put Lazio back in the race -- but while pundits gave the congressman the win, regular voters seemed to finally thaw under Clinton's resolve.

September 11, 2000
The N-Word

Who went negative first? Who cares? The real problem is that both candidates are running safe, one-dimensional campaigns.