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The City Politic Archive

February 14, 2000
The CORE Issue

Put Hillary in a room with Suha Arafat or Al Sharpton and there's a festival of finger-wagging; so why the silence when Rudy dines with Roy Innis and Jörg Haider?

February 7, 2000
Ad Lib

The best new TV spot is an indie director's short film -- and viewers are showing their love for it on a Website that agencies are watching very, very closely.

January 31, 2000
Caution, Wind, Etc.

Talk about a contrast in styles: Rudy brazenly flouts the state's Republican leadership while Hillary tiptoes everywhere. Where's her moxie?

January 31, 2000
Girls Interrupted

In the wake of a scathing documentary about the modeling business, Elite's John Casablancas, a legendary Lothario, is preaching reform. Talk about strange bedfellows.

January 3, 2000
Who Do Women Want?

Hillary thinks she has the votes of smart, educated women wrapped up -- and she may, but many are reluctant to admit it, at least until she becomes a better candidate.

December 20, 1999
Campaign Trail

Dark-horse dot-coms spent billions to build their brands -- but in the battle to create the year's best advertising, good old-fashioned not-coms won the day.

December 13, 1999
Long Shot

Refusing to dance with Mike Long could help Rudy win the middle and push Hillary farther to the left. That doesn't sound like suicide -- it sounds like a strategy.

December 6, 1999
Going Postal

Now that Mrs. Clinton has doused any notion that she's not running, let's pray the media will finally stop taking cues from the hysterically anti-Hillary New York "Post."

November 15, 1999
The Zabar's Vote

The battle for Pat Moynihan's Senate seat will ultimately focus on the 8 percent of voters, many of them liberal New York City Jews, still uncertain about Hill or Rudy.

November 1, 1999
Unchartered Territory

Though the typically immovable mayor backed off his effort to block Mark Green by changing the city charter, the revised proposal still makes for bad public policy.