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The City Politic Archive

November 14, 2005
King Mike

A big winner gets big power, and a big ego. So how is Mike Bloomberg going to spend his political capital?

October 24, 2005
The Mayor's Hard Bargain

9/11 and the Republicans combined to help Bloomberg get elected. Even as he heads toward a second term, it’s a deal that still costs him.

September 26, 2005
The Winning Ticket that Wasn't

Rather than dropping out, Anthony Weiner could have helped Ferrer more by running with him. Can Ferrer unite the Dems alone?

September 12, 2005
The Case for Ferrer

A vote for the front-runner is the best medicine for New York Democrats—even if he doesn’t win.

July 18, 2005
Calm as Calm Can Be

A weary Mayor Bloomberg rushed to assuage fears after last week’s bombings in London, but the city was already going about its business.

June 20, 2005
The Stadium's Silver Lining

In Bloomberg’s bitter defeat at the rail yards are the seeds of future triumphs—as long as he learns the right lessons.

June 13, 2005
Train Station Running Late

Making over the Eighth Avenue post office into Moynihan Station should be the easiest of Manhattan’s big projects. So why might it not happen?

May 30, 2005
The Accidental Candidate

C. Virginia Fields is currently the Democrat with the best chance of beating Bloomberg—now she just has to figure out what she stands for.

May 16, 2005
The Stadium Catbird Seat

In the battle for the West Side stadium, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver holds all the cards. He never knew he had so many friends.

April 25, 2005
Which Side is Al On?

Sharpton supports the stadium, praised Bloomberg, and may not endorse anyone—a sure sign that the rules of the mayoral game have changed.