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The City Politic Archive

April 11, 2005
Is Freddy Ready?

Yes, Ferrer is up in the polls. But so was Mark Green. Being an old-school Democrat gets you only so far. Closing the sale is the hard part.

March 28, 2005
Gift of the Gifted

Why did Bloomberg slow down his plan to reform the schools’ gifted programs? Start with Upper West Side parents—and election-year politics.

February 21, 2005
Marriage Counseling

How did Mayor Bloomberg arrive at his complex position on gay marriage? Very quickly—and very carefully.

February 7, 2005
Who Failed the C Train?

Not a homeless person. It was Governor George Pataki, and his enabler, Mayor Mike Bloomberg. A lesson in why budgets matter.

January 10, 2005
Chair War

Who can lead the Democratic Party out of the wilderness? As it turns out, many claim they can—all pointing in different directions.

December 13, 2004
The Govercutor

Eliot Spitzer has pursued his job as attorney general with wonkish, prosecutorial intensity. Will the same traits work in his run for governor?

November 29, 2004
A Mayor’s Race Blooms

Can a billionaire businessman learn the common touch? Is beating up on Jim Dolan a winning strategy? And could a Republican take a chunk of the black vote? The shape of the campaign to come.

September 20, 2004
Law Pre-Enforcement

The NYPD’s crowd-control and arrest tactics kept the convention largely violence-free. But is preemption’s civil-liberties cost too high?

June 21, 2004
Speaker and Yapper

Why are the mayor and the tabloids beating up on Gifford Miller? Because they can.

May 17, 2004
Sand Storm

New Bush administration rules could force Michael Bloomberg to close Coney Island and other city beaches this summer. Just in time for election season.