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The City Politic Archive

May 3, 2004
Will Bill?

Bill Thompson is mild-mannered, relatively unknown, and not sure he wants to run. So how is it that the city comptroller may be the next mayor?

April 12, 2004
Bye, Mr. Nice Mike

The mayor came into office promising to rid City Hall of Giuliani-era political brawling. So why is he suddenly putting the screws to his opponents?

March 8, 2004
New Yorkers for Kerry

Local pols have been jumping on the front-runner’s bandwagon faster than you can say “double-digit lead.” So what if they once backed Dean? And Clark?

February 16, 2004
Cash and Kerry

The city’s wealthy Kerry backers have a message for undecided donors: Fund the front-runner—now—or lose to Bush later.

February 2, 2004
Outer Pain

Mayor Mike has launched a fresh political offensive (boccie, anyone?) to win back the hearts and minds of angry outer-borough voters. So why are they still so mad?

January 12, 2004
Cash Machine

Quietly, Eliot Spitzer has been doling out money to Dems across the state. Sure, he’s got his eye on Pataki’s job. Saving the party wouldn’t hurt, either.

December 22, 2003
Primary Importance

Forget Iowa and New Hampshire. Team Dean plans to use New York to stop whoever—Clark? Kerry? Edwards?—breaks out in the early primaries.

December 8, 2003
The Conventioneer

The Republican National Convention comes to town in just nine months. Meet Bill Harris, the Alabama conservative, Civil War buff, and dove hunter in charge.

November 23, 2003
E Pluribus Dems

The party has its best shot in a decade at winning City Hall and the governor’s chair—if they can get it together. But where’s chairman Denny Farrell?

November 10, 2003
Money Tries to Talk

Politicians come to Manhattan when it’s time to raise money, then don’t give the city its due. Bloomberg’s new Fifth Avenue rallying cry: No justice, no cash.

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