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Class Action Archive

June 28, 2004
Students of Summer

Why Bloomberg’s social-promotion ban’s bark is worse than its bite.

June 14, 2004
What It Takes

Sure, it’s possible to go from the sprawling madness of the city’s public schools to Yale. But only if you’ve got the single-mindedness and marketing savvy of an M.B.A.

May 3, 2004
Mr. Ed

One man—Mayor Bloomberg—now controls New York’s vast education system. So why do some educators long for a return to the old Board of Ed?

March 22, 2004
On the Lam

The mayor wanted basic change in the schools, and Diana Lam provided it—until unsavory tactics proved her undoing. Where does the chancellor turn now?

March 1, 2004
Contract Sport

With his plan to reinvent the teachers’ contract, Mike Bloomberg touched off Round Two in the fight for the soul of the city’s schools.

June 3, 2002
Levy Takes Finals

Schools chancellor Harold Levy came in as the consummate manager; he'll probably depart as martyred by the job as any of his predecessors.

May 3, 1999
Tutoring Tycoons

With the Principal for a Day program -- and a lot of friendly strong-arming -- Lisa Belzberg is getting the power elite to do its public-school work.