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The Culture Business Archive

September 11, 2006
Grass Roots

Günter Grass’s revelation of his membership in the Waffen SS shows him as a flawed man. But the truths of his novels are as pure as ever.

March 22, 2004
Howard's Bush Bash

Radicalized by the FCC’s obscenity crusade, Howard Stern, formerly New York’s raunchiest Republican, is becoming a Democrat.

December 22, 2003
Comedy of Manners

When Neil Simon dissed Mary Tyler Moore, he wasn’t just being nasty. The onetime king of Broadway seemed hell-bent on revenge—against failure.

December 1, 2003
Memento Mori

Eight elegant proposals for a memorial at the World Trade Center honor the living as much as the victims of 9/11.

May 26, 2003
Get Real

The eight Tony nominees for Best New Play and Musical prove nothing if not this: Broadway is more escapist than ever. It’s been a long time since Angels in America.

March 31, 2003
Broadway for Dummies

Producers and players had a showdown over the use of digital music and the number of musicians your $100 ticket entitles you to hear. Was anyone thinking about the customers?

January 22, 2001
Postscript: Dana Does Detention

While Dana Giacchetto pens poetry and pumps iron in jail -- awaiting sentencing this week -- his fiancée is storing his Prada suits and dreaming of their wedding.

December 16, 2002
I Want My DTV!

The city's in the midst of a technology-driven TV revolution, thanks to the irresistible pleasures of digital cable, video-on-demand, and TiVo. Only problem: You may never see your friends again.

November 19, 2001
The Museum Macher

Ronald Lauder is leading a campaign to revive Jewish life in Eastern Europe, so why are we shocked to find out he's been collecting German and Austrian Art since his bar mitzvah?

June 4, 2001
You've Got Mel

The Producers has become the season's singular sensation, as the Tony Awards surely will make clear, and a vote for A Class Act will hardly matter, but . . .