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The Imperial City Archive

June 26, 2006
Surrender the Pink!

Arthur Carter is on the verge of selling his salmon-colored paper to Robert De Niro’s Tribeca gang. And Mr. Chips–ish editor Peter Kaplan thinks it’s peachy.

June 19, 2006
The Vietnam Obsession

It’s the analogy that won’t quit—and won’t fly, either. But could Iraq end up like Vietnam? We should be so lucky.

June 5, 2006
What the [Bleep]?!

The FCC’s scary new censorship crusade raises the question: Should the government be in the decency business at all anymore?

May 29, 2006
Imperial City - HED
May 15, 2006
Generation Xerox

Youth may not be an excuse for plagiarism. But it is an explanation.

May 1, 2006
The Way We Boom Now

What this age of Internet euphoria looks like to those of us who were in the game last time around. For one, bubbles aren’t completely bad.

February 6, 2006
Imperial City - HED
February 6, 2006
What Would Dirty Harry Do?

By framing the eavesdropping debate as a manly-man contest, Bush & Co. are distracting us from the conversation we should be having about privacy.

February 20, 2006
They Can't Take a Joke

What’s the matter with Islam is also the matter with Kansas. But who says freedom of speech isn’t a little negotiable?

March 6, 2006
School’s Out for Summers

Harvard’s president didn’t get expelled so much for his ideology as for his naïveté. And the university would do well to pick a Larry 2.0 next.

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