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January 31, 2000
Mogul on the Verge

Can a strictly below-the-radar mogul take a group of creaky computer magazines and refit them (and himself) for the new economy?

January 24, 2000
Happy New Media

The AOL-Time Warner merger has everyone shell-shocked. Is this as big as it looks, Munich Pact big? And where is the reporter from the corporate-state desk?

January 17, 2000
Mr. Shawn's Lost Tribe

The language and rituals and customs of the old 'New Yorker' are fast being forgotten. Renata Adler, with her first book in fifteen years, is the Last of the Mohicans.

January 10, 2000
I Predict . . .

Amazon will be the Atari of the nineties. Gore will make his no-television pledge stick. Old media buys new media with dot-com ad dollars. Stand back and watch a pro work!

January 3, 2000
Hot Type

One reason Keith Kelly's column is the first read in Media City is that, unlike some of his colleagues, the "Post" reporter appears to have only one agenda: getting scoops.

December 20, 1999
Hell No, WTO!

Will we all look back on the Battle in Seattle as the first eruption of the anti-brand revolution, or was it just a nostalgic moment?

December 6, 1999
The E Decade

E is for electronic, for equity, for entrepreneur, and, even for erotica. But most of all, E is for the greatest economic boom the world has ever seen. How a dream -- and it's still a dream -- changed everything.

November 29, 1999
Meet Roger Black

He pioneered the use of computers in design, cut the best deals, and made himself synonymous with the modern magazine. And he doesn't break a sweat doing it.

November 22, 1999
The Jihad Defense

Everybody laughed at Microsoft during the trial -- and now the judge has come down against the zealots in Seattle. Could this have been the plan all along?

November 15, 1999
Fast 'n' Hot

What's the hottest new magazine out there? It's not the one about celebrity cachet and power. It's the one about the new economy, stupid.

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