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August 9, 1999
The Talk of Hearst

With our scorecard on Hearst and the magazine business, you will be able to answer the riddle: "What's Black and Brown and read all over?"

August 2, 1999
Kennedy With Tears

John Kennedy seemed to be breaking the family mold. But in our grief, we are discovering what 40 years of public fascination with the Kennedy clan was really all about.

July 19, 1999
Wolf(f) Like Me

It's tough being Michael Wolff, but finding out there is another Michael Wolf, who is peddling cheery opinions about the media to CEOs, brings out the curmudgeon in this one.

July 12, 1999
Eisner Un-Moused?

He took Disney from the doldrums to the heart of the Dow, but with the loss of Michael Eisner's best lieutenants, the magic has evaporated from the Magic Kingdom.

June 28, 1999
Tribune and Tribulation

For some, summer means Paris, and Paris means the "International Herald Tribune." But is the paper slowly being submerged by the flood of global information?

June 21, 1999
Truman Being

James Truman is Condé Nast's international man of mystery. His most visible job now is decorating the new building. But what, exactly, does he whisper in the boss's ear?

June 14, 1999
It's the ?, Stupid!

Before the candidates can compete for votes, they need themes (that's where the media comes in) and public personalities (come in, Al Gore).

June 7, 1999
The Website of Record

The Times' highly successful Internet division might, in an IPO, be worth considerably more than the paper itself -- a recipe for a titanic culture clash.

May 31, 1999
Auld Lang Old Media

Kurt Andersen's "Turn of the Century" is an insider's guide to the increasing irrelevance of the media insider -- as the insiders who attended his book party will come to realize.

May 24, 1999
The Last Action Mogul

Barry Diller's lone-gunslinger style and his frenetic deal-making pace make him a role model for other media tycoons. But what does his empire really add up to?

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