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May 17, 1999
Why Your Kids Know More About the Future Than You Do

Is the Internet changing kids in mysterious, potentially dangerous ways? Certainly. And soon enough, it will change you, too.

April 19, 1999
Book 'Em

Got an opinion about the war? Clinton? The Jenny Jones trial? Or...pets? You too could be a TV star -- provided a desperate booker discovers you.

April 12, 1999
The Uninvited

Low-rent media critic Russ Smith -- that's "Mugger" to you -- is repulsed by the exclusionary liberal New York media Establishment. The feeling is mutual.

April 5, 1999
Judith's Untold Story

Monica-bashing book editor Judith Regan doesn't feel your pain -- or anyone else's, for that matter. She feels her own pain! And therein lies the secret to her blazing success.

March 22, 1999

Political career begets media career begets political career. For today's breed of personal-identity professionals, public office and punditry are interchangeable career paths.

March 15, 1999
Dinner-Party Hacks

For those who need to know -- and need you to know that they know -- there are two A-list options: dinner with Ed or with Hitch. (Well, be careful with that last one.)

March 8, 1999
He'll Manage

Mike Ovitz, former superagent, has rankled all of Hollywood in his new bid to be . . . Leonardo DiCaprio's water boy? Sure, if he can own the town (again).

March 1, 1999
Brand Monica

The intern formerly known as a little nutty and a little slutty is now, suddenly, media queen of the moment. And she hasn't even gotten her Barbara Walters makeover yet.

February 22, 1999
Must-See PC

Never mind cybersex; the Web gets seriously intimate with Webcams, those teeny computer eyeballs that strip away all pretense and seduce with artlessness.

February 8, 1999
Virtual Reporting

Media coverage of Clinton's trial is actually, mostly, media coverage of CNN -- with even R. W. Apple Jr. writing his "In the Chamber" reports from . . . outside the chamber.

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