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Strong Medicine Archive

March 25, 2002
Cut-Rate Work

You know the boldfaced names and their boldfaced plastic surgeons, but did you know that many of those docs supervise excellent work in hospital clinics (at below–Park Avenue fees)?

February 25, 2002
The Light Fantastic?

Clients burned or scarred during laser hair-removal treatments at tony day spas have left doctors debating who should -- and who shouldn't -- be doing these procedures.

January 21, 2002
I Gave at the Office

Most doctors are grateful for a thank-you note, even for extraordinary work. That doesn't prevent some patients from making equally extraordinary (or weird) shows of appreciation.

December 3, 2001
Off the Charts

Some pediatricians dismiss the notion that adoptive infants have special medical needs, but try telling that to the parents of a Chinese-born baby who has oral motor dysfunction.

October 22, 2001
Doctor's Dilemmas

Panicked patients invaded virtually every doctor's office in Manhattan. Are Cipro prescriptions the right way to treat them?

October 15, 2001
Click and Cure

Doctors use the Internet to solve medical mysteries and bone up on trends, but so do their patients -- not that there's anything wrong with that. . . .

September 10, 2001

Your hospital has a little secret: To save money on staff in these days of cost-cutting, it's been hiring more doctors who are just passing through.

August 13, 2001
Co-pay or Play

Joining lots of HMOs has become the surefire way for a young doctor to build a thriving practice before bailing out -- leaving patients to pay full fees or switch M.D.'s.

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