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Book Reviews Archive

October 1, 2007
Schlong of Myself

Mourning the death of Philip Roth’s funny bone.

August 13, 2007
Harry Potter and the Ignominious Cop-Out

In which a franchise chickens out of the very thing that would have redeemed it.

July 30, 2007
Who Wants to Be a Cultural Billionaire?

Economist Tyler Cowen aims to help us live richer lives, and maybe get our kids to do their chores.

May 7, 2007
The Frozen People

In Michael Chabon’s marvelous new novel, the Alaskan panhandle is an imperiled, makeshift holy land.

April 23, 2007
The Kids Are—Yawn—Alright

Teenagers assumed their current form in 1945, says Teenage. No wonder their antics can seem a little stale.

April 16, 2007
Textual Liberation?

Reflections on digital communication from the last generation that remembers uni-tasking.

April 2, 2007
DNasty Boy

Dana Vachon, the investment banker turned blogger turned novelist, is one very sincere satirist.

March 26, 2007
The Talking Cure

In How Doctors Think, Jerome Groopman cuts through our fear—and fetishization—of M.D.’s.

March 12, 2007
By Our Contributors: ‘Heyday’

In Kurt Andersen's Heyday, we find ourselves in a past that can’t stop hurtling toward modernity, a world where things are changing so fast that one character suffers from “anticipatory nostalgia.”

March 5, 2007
Is This Book Worth Getting?

A no-frills guide to the just-published nonfiction shelf.

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