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The Insatiable Critic Archive

November 29, 1999

Thalia unleashes some much-needed star power on the theater district.

November 29, 1999
Lift Off

Atlas successfully shoulders a young chef's grand ambitions.

November 15, 1999
Gimme Shelter

When Mortimer's closed, the kiss-kiss rich who watered there were cast adrift; but with the opening of Swifty's, their forlorn diaspora is over.

November 1, 1999
Eat to the Beat

They look like discos (one of them is a disco) yet serve major-league food: Crossbreeds Hush and Oriont redefine the dining room.

October 20, 1999
The Empire Strikes Back

A touch of alchemy lifts the weighty Austro-Hungarian cooking at Danube, David Bouley's velvet-swathed restaurant in TriBeCa.

July 12, 1999
Adagio for Fins

Cello's serenity and seafood dazzle have well-heeled gourmands in delirium; earthier souls will wallow in the rustic abundance at Beacon.

July 12, 1999
June 28, 1999
Feret at Last

Dipping into France's nurturing "cuisine de maman" at two new brasseries and a pair of bistros refreshes a gourmand's fusion-lashed soul.

June 28, 1999
June 28, 1999
Park Bistro
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