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February 15, 1999
"Funny Valentines" and "Deep in My Heart"
February 15, 1999
No Menace an Island

A stranger comes with the bad weather in "Stephen King's Storm of the Century."

February 8, 1999
We Were Overcome

NBC looks back at the sixties, and maybe the most surprising thing about the mini-series is how much the producers got right -- starting, of course, with the music.

January 18, 1999
Turn, Turn, Turn

An explosive 'Frontline' documentary examines the consequences of federal laws allowing reduced sentences for drug offenders who finger others -- any others.

January 11, 1999
"Homicide: Life on the Street"
January 11, 1999

From HBO, a loopy, wisecracking series about a middle-management mafioso with a "Godfather" complex and Lorraine Bracco as his therapist.

January 4, 1999
Thames the Breaks

A river runs through public TV's splendid six hours of Dickens's dark "Our Mutual Friend," but it's more the Thames of T. S. Eliot than of Shakespeare.

December 14, 1998
Prospero in Dixie

Shakespeare's valedictory has been set in many exotic locales over the centuries; why not the antebellum South, with Peter Fonda brave in the New World?

October 12, 1998
Lunatic and Lover

Ian Holm's smallishness doesn't limit his harrowing scaling of the Olympus of "King Lear."

October 5, 1998
The Shadows Know

"Touching Evil," new from PBS's "Mystery!" series, assembles a high-tech team of British supercops to investigate uncommon, strangely mesmerizing horrors.

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