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Art Features Archive

May 20, 2013
Where’s That Coffee Shop?

The multiple locations of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, revealed.

March 4, 2013
To Do: March 6-20, 2013

Twenty-five things to see, hear, watch, and read.

February 11, 2013
Jerry Saltz on ’93 in Art

Twenty years ago, at the 1993 Whitney Biennial, fault lines opened up and the ground shifted.

February 11, 2013
Are We Still Living in 1993?

A New Museum show makes the argument that the innocuous-seeming, which-year-was-that-again? year, may, in fact, have changed absolutely everything.

February 11, 2013
Did 1993 Change Everything?

A look at the evidence, with the help of some people who were there. It was the year that ...

December 17, 2012
The Best of the Basement

Rooting through MoMA’s century of deep storage for her “Artist’s Choice” show, Trisha Donnelly reveals herself.

October 1, 2012
The Annotated Artwork: “Preoccupied Waveforms”

An installation turns synesthesia into something you can visit.

July 30, 2012
The Biggest Picture

The Kodak Colorama, back in Grand Central.

May 21, 2012
The Philadelphia Story

The Barnes Collection’s splendid new building can’t vanquish art claustrophobia. Yet maybe, just maybe, the old kook knew what he was doing.

May 14, 2012
Baby Steps

Where does modern art history start? The Met’s predynastic-Egypt show reveals the beginning of everything.