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November 3, 2008
Frieze After the Freeze

At London’s big art fair, signs of financial trouble abound. But maybe that’s okay.

October 27, 2008
The Annotated Artwork: ‘Pulse Park’

How to make the beating heart of New York visible.

October 27, 2008
Chanel in a Shell

Zaha Hadid’s mobile museum.

October 20, 2008
The Hive Mind

How Hilary Berseth makes his buzzworthy sculptures.

October 13, 2008
Slice and Dice

One man’s vandalism is another’s political art. Just ask Poster Boy, the Matisse of subway-ad mash-ups.

September 22, 2008
Radical Speak

Performance artist Mark Tribe breathes new life into old politics.

June 23, 2008
The Annotated Artwork: Fuller’s Dymaxion Houses

Fuller, best remembered as the inventor of the geodesic dome, was an absolute idea machine.

June 16, 2008
The Falls Guy

Olafur Eliasson has seduced Mike Bloomberg with a spectacle to rival The Gates.

September 9, 1987
The World of Warhol

The first sign that there was something wrong with Andy Warhol, that he might be a mortal being after all, came three weeks ago.

May 26, 2008
American Inventor
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