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October 10, 2005
When Everything Changes

Joan Didion on John, Quintana, her devastating memoir, and her persistent critics.

October 3, 2005
The Gist: 'The Diviners'

The Basic Plot of Rick Moody's 'The Diviners.'

October 3, 2005
Amber Alert

Newbie poet (and teen hero) Amber Tamblyn versifies on Les Moonves, Dick Cheney, and the celebrity-industrial complex.

September 26, 2005
Free Radical

He’s written everything from best-selling mysteries to a sex novel to a critique of capitalism. No wonder Walter Mosley has plenty to smile about.

September 26, 2005
Falling Man

In his new novel, Hugh Nissenson confronts the spiritual devastation of 9/11.

September 19, 2005
7 2/3 Innings With Salman

Like his beloved Yankees, Rushdie is struggling to play up to expectations.

September 5, 2005
Turn Your Head and Giggle

Mark Leyner and an M.D. pal squeeze a best seller out of bodily curiosities.

August 22, 2005
Treasure Hunter: Richard Zacks

"If I had to do it all over again, I would be a criminal."

July 25, 2005
Influences: Lorrie Moore

"I do a very reverential Billie Holiday imitation that's a complete room-emptier."

July 25, 2005
Investigator: Stacy Horn

"It was very awkward. These are homicide guys doing this for a billion years, and here I am saying, 'Oh, murder, it's so interesting!'"

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