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December 6, 2010
Sunset Song

Spalding Gray’s son writes a musical coda to his father’s life.

April 19, 2010
Up in Smoke: Titus Welliver

Titus Welliver on playing a troubled former sailor in the indie film Handsome Harry.

November 29, 2010
True West

The Coen brothers know the meaning of grit, as their new Western, and its breakout young star, will attest.

May 20, 2013
Star Trek II: Part II

Into Darkness is an homage to The Wrath of Khan—and a deep draft of Klingon ale.

May 31, 2010
The Actor’s Non-Actor

Tilda Swinton and the art of doing very little, exquisitely.

August 2, 2010
Talking and Listening

A master class with Robert Duvall and Sissy Spacek, stars of Get Low.

January 17, 2011
The Quiet Man

How Chris Cooper turns angst into art.

August 23, 2010
Jason Bateman, Act Two

Thanks to Arrested Development, he got to do his career all over again.

July 19, 2010
Somewhat Happily Ever After

Todd Solondz introduces forgiveness to his latest grim comedy, Life During Wartime.

July 20, 2009
The Legacy of Flipper

Ric O’Barry trained TV’s most famous dolphin. In a new film, he atones for that sin.

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