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October 15, 2001
Man Behind the Mayor

Until September 11, Richard Sheirer, director of the Office of Emergency Management, was mostly sweating the small stuff: burst water mains, power outages, rodent-control problems. Then, with his command center destroyed and his friends missing, he became the unsung hero of the hot zone -- and one of the most powerful men in New York.

October 15, 2001
Out Front

Mayoral hopeful Fernando Ferrer astonished everyone by refusing Rudy's request for three more months. Now he's got Ed on one arm and Al on the other. Stand by for a dramatic standoff.

October 8, 2001
18 Truths About the New New York
October 1, 2001
The Talking Cure

Loss, grief, anger, war, God, America the beautiful, and good old Downtown weirdness by the light of a million candles.

September 17, 2001
Captain Kidd

By day, he's the path-breaking designer of book jackets every ambitious writer wants to work with; by night, he's a comic-book connoisseur and collector of kitsch. Showman and bon vivant -- and now author of a new novel -- Chip Kidd is his own superhero.

September 17, 2001
The Food Networker

When Rocco DiSpirito, a serious Queens-bred boy with impeccable culinary skills, opened Union Pacific four years ago, he never seemed to leave the kitchen. But success put him in the foodie fast lane, with TV tapings, globe-trotting junkets, and a speed dial packed with celebrity pals. Which makes purists wonder: Who's minding the stove?

August 27, 2001
Riot Girls

Kournikova is reviled because she's gorgeous and snotty. Hingis is disliked for her bluntness. The Williams sisters' arrogance -- and their dad -- rub players the wrong way. Just about everyone in women's tennis has got a beef with everyone else. No wonder the tennis is so good.

August 20, 2001
Yacht Club

Every summer weekend, a couple dozen of the city's most successful men battle for big-boat supremacy in the waters from Manhattan to Newport. And though theirs is a genteel sport, today's skippers depend as much on designer software as on America's Cup talent.

August 20, 2001
Gross Prophets

Lesbian catfighters. Blind boxers. Aging strippers. These are a few of radio hosts Opie and Anthony's favorite things. Now they've helped the duo win an estimated $30 million contract to go national.

August 20, 2001
Almost Famous
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