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May 7, 2001
Bally's High

Can a thirtysomething New York boy (with a Harvard M.B.A.) turn a stodgy Swiss accessories house into a hot fashion name? Meet the new breed of designer.

April 30, 2001
The Family Man

You know Ed Schlossberg as a guy who married into the most famous family in America. But his new project -- helping ordinary Americans trace their family histories through Ellis Island -- may finally give us all insight into the man who lives with Caroline Kennedy.

April 30, 2001
Captain Midnight

With arms like bazookas and a reputation as a warrior, Precinct Commander Mike Marino battles morale problems and an elusive serial-stickup man. But the crime numbers tracked at one Police Plaza are what really make him reach for his tums.

April 30, 2001
The Science of O

Viagra raised the flag on a new sexual revolution, and women, with the help of doctors and drug companies, are finally getting in on the fun. Will they find better loving through chemistry?

April 16, 2001
The $28,995 Tutor

Parents appreciate Katherine Cohen's brains and her keen social instincts. Girls appreciate her fashion sense. Boys appreciate her good looks. All this has made her the East Side's hottest independent college counselor. But it still may not get your kid into Yale.

April 16, 2001
Fall With a Bang

Rural chic, rock chicks, and Rosemary's Baby ruled European runways -- while backstage, the Gucci Group and LVMH waged a turf war. And the fashion flock? They sat back and enjoyed the fireworks.

April 16, 2001
Smile and You Lose

The driven, intense son of another driven, intense coach, Jeff Van Gundy believes that the two worst things to happen to the NBA are God and golf. Why? They sap players' intensity. But imagine what the game would look like if his players were as intense as he is.

April 9, 2001
Divided We Stand

When Ehud Barak put Jerusalem on the bargaining table, it sealed his political fate. But dividing the holiest of cities is still the best way of saving it.

April 2, 2001
A Toast to the End of the World

A troupe of theater luminaries revisits Follies, Stephen Sondheim's dazzling eulogy for the Golden Age of American musicals -- and the people who lived and breathed them.

April 2, 2001
Hill Climbing

One might think that Hillary Clinton would be about as reviled by her new colleagues as, say, her husband. But the Survivor world of the Senate makes for the strangest of bedfellows. Even Jesse Helms gets a kick out of her -- though that doesn't mean he likes her.

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