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July 17, 2000
Sons and Killers

The Brown family lived the kind of life that's the envy of their Long Island neighbors: a successful business, luxury cars, golf at the country club. But when his parents were found bludgeoned to death, Steven Brown wondered: Could his own brother have been the most envious of all?

July 10, 2000
Which Rick Do You Pick?

Is Senate candidate Rick Lazio a Gingrich clone or a moderate? Altar boy, or shrewd infighter? There are plenty of Lazios to go around -- which makes him a formidable politician.

July 10, 2000
What's My Wine?

If ordering wine at the city's best restaurants reminds you of taking a final exam, you'll relish seeing the sommeliers themselves squirm in a blind taste-test arranged by one of their best customers. All they have to lose is their reputations.

July 10, 2000
She Said What?

In Rebecca Gilman's shocker of a play, Spinning Into Butter, a white do-good dean finally explodes in a racist tirade. Get ready to squirm.

June 19, 2000
Neel Life Stories

Alice Neel's portraits stripped her subjects bare -- often literally -- and expertly revealed their inner lives. On the eve of a Whitney retrospective, Neel's subjects reflect on sitting for a modern master.

June 19, 2000
The Fall of the House of Steinberg

Illness, hubris, and market reversals combined to bring down the couple who best epitomized eighties New York. Now Saul and Gayfryd Steinberg are reinventing themselves -- as mere millionaires.

June 12, 2000
The Green Team

Twelve years ago, a trio of Wall Street upstarts founded the anti-establishment Robin Hood Foundation. So how did a guerrilla charity benefit become the hottest ticket in town?

May 29, 2000
Hamptons Preview: Summer Games 2000

Whether you migrate to the South Fork by Jitney, roadster, helicopter, or kid-packed SUV, the Hamptons will have something new to offer you this season.

May 29, 2000
The Hot Zone

Courtney Ross's plan to build a 484,000-square-foot complex in the woods of East Hampton ignites a Rennert-style firestorm.

May 29, 2000
Squeeze Play

As a dearth of Hamptons houses pushes the magic number to $25 million, would-be buyers have to bid up, tear down, and -- gasp -- buy modern.

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