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January 31, 2000
Laughing Through His Tearjerker

After his parents died within five weeks of each other, Dave Eggers raised his kid brother, started McSweeney's, and wrote a memoir that picks apart the way writers exploit tragedy. It even has footnotes.

January 31, 2000
The Soho Love Goddess

Dian Hanson has spent her life studying the secret desires of men, and she puts out the hottest (in two senses) soft-core magazines around. Call her the Tina Brown of porn.

January 24, 2000
A Cool Hand and a Keno Eye

Talk about great performances: Antiques Roadshow has become public TV's top-rated program and made stars of dealers Leigh and Leslie Keno. Now they're riding a seller's market ($8.25 million for a Queen Anne secretary?) right into the Winter Antiques Show.

January 17, 2000
Thoroughly Modern Mutter

Though she can fiddle Vivaldi with the best of them, Anne-Sophie Mutter's true passion lies with contemporary music.

January 17, 2000
Tales Of The New Gold Rush

Somewhere out there, in a briefcase or laptop or shoulder bag, is an idea that will make a lot of people very rich. Steve Brotman and the city's other venture capitalists will endure any number of preposterous pitches and business plans to find it.

January 17, 2000
Betts Intentions

Smart, quirky, and supremely self-assured, Kate Betts is remaking Harper's Bazaar in her own image. But can fashion's youngest editor escape the long shadows of its two most enduring legends?

January 10, 2000
Junior Achievement

New York's favorite political son is now leading 20/20's Gen-X revision. But has Chris Cuomo really given up the family business?

January 10, 2000
Table Stakes

A futuristic reincarnation of the Brasserie -- once the hippest restaurant in midtown -- is rising from the ashes in the Seagram Building, the work of a pair of cutting-edge architects and a restaurateur ready for his star turn.

January 10, 2000
Bill Bradley's Secret Weapon

She's a German-born literature professor who used to be a stewardess. And she just published a book about the Holocaust. Ernestine Bradley is no ordinary presidential candidate's wife.

January 3, 2000
Boy, Interrupted

Rob Bingham lived the fantasy life of a literary bad boy: a charismatic, arrogant, fabulously wealthy wildchild who died just before the publication of his much-anticipated first novel.

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