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November 22, 1999
The Old College Try

Blue blood Benno Schmidt shook up Yale and struggled with the Edison Project, the for-profit school venture. CUNY is his third try at reforming American education. Will his tough-love standards save it or destroy it?

November 22, 1999
Hollow Man

Tim Burton, the dark-eyed sorcerer behind Batman and Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood, now turns his odd mind to Washington Irving's legend of a horseman, and the head he misses.

November 15, 1999

Bringing feuding promoters, aging rock stars, Rugrats, tractor pulls, and Ragtime into his big tent has made Bob Sillerman the biggest mogul in the concert biz. To his partners, his acts, and his sponsors, he has the golden touch. But should fans be picking up the tab?

November 15, 1999
New in the Caribbean

It's showtime in the islands, where seven ready-to-rumble resorts have shot up from the sand. The big chill-out was never more sizzling.

November 8, 1999
The Other Sexual Revolution

Our daughters know everything about their bodies and their selves. What they don't know is what it took to win them their rights. Ken Burns thinks it's time they met Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, the brilliant odd-couple activists who brought women the vote.

November 1, 1999
The Tabs At Bat

In the other Subway Series, the News's wily veterans battle valiantly, but the Post's hungrier, nastier squad is on the verge of victory.

November 1, 1999
The Say Shea Kids

A base-on-balls may have ended the Mets' dream of a Subway Series, but the team from Queens left a powerful message in Atlanta for the Bronx Bombers -- never give up.

October 28, 1999
October 27, 1999: the Yankees vs. the Braves, World Series Game Four: The End
October 27, 1999
October 27, 1999: the Yankees vs. the Braves, World Series Game Three
October 25, 1999
Spike Jonze Unmasked

Spike Jonze has been a skateboarder, a video director -- even an occasional stuntman. Now he's a major director and a minor movie star, so will the real Jonze please stand up?

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