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September 27, 1999
The Green Candidate

Wall Street wizard Jon Corzine spent 24 years helping to build Goldman Sachs into a banking powerhouse before being ousted as CEO last January. Can a very rich, very liberal Democrat connect with New Jersey's masses? He's ready to bet millions of his own money that he can.

September 27, 1999
Look Homeward, Edward

Recent charges of deception continue to embroil Edward Said, America's most prominent Palestinian, in politics, but his new memoir reveals a compelling, troubled youth and a key to his exile.

August 23, 1999
An Ocean Runs Through It

Captain Paul Dixon, who works the waters of Gardiners Bay, knows how to think like a fish -- which makes him the Hamptons' most sought-after fly-fishing guide.

August 9, 1999
Tama Janowitz, Unchained

After three straight disappointments, New York's original Lit Girl is back with a ballyhooed new novel, A Certain Age, a sad, skillful tale of nineties New York. She told you she could do it.

August 2, 1999
Crazy As He Wants To Be

Before Abe Hirschfeld's trial for tax evasion (he's also accused of trying to hire a hit man to go after a business partner), a psychiatrist found him legally sane -- an opinion about which reasonable people may disagree.

August 2, 1999
Higher Learning

Anyone can answer the question What do you do? The tough question is, Why do you do what you do?

August 2, 1999
House Bound

You faux-marbled your best friend's bedroom. She said you had a gift. Now all your friends are inviting you to dinner.

August 2, 1999
Money Talk

Never felt financially savvy? Wait till everyone hears you've chucked it all to become a day trader. Or a Realtor.

August 2, 1999
Brand-New You

Burnish your professional image by turning yourself into a brand. It all starts with a few well-chosen classes that could be more than just fun.

August 2, 1999
Field of Dreams

You don't have to be the star to be in the show. Every medium is made up of masses of different talents.

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