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February 1, 1999
He's Got The World On A String

String theory is the hottest development in physics since Stephen Hawking first peered into a black hole -- and Columbia physicist Brian Greene is one of the few people who can explain it. He also acts in Pinter plays and packs lecture halls, and his new book, "The Elegant Universe," is getting rapturous advance reviews. Has "the Theory of Everything" finally found the spokesman it deserves?

January 25, 1999

A generation of Scarsdale sons and daughters, motivated by quality-of-life issues and perhaps by a Nick at Nite-ish nostalgia for the leafy utopia of their youth, have gone home again. What it means to accept, even embrace, the suburbanite within.

January 25, 1999
Nouveau Rich

How the wife of a billionaire fugitive reinvented herself as a Grammy-nominated songwriter, peripatetic party girl, and first-class FOB. Lisa DePaulo on the second coming of Denise Rich.

January 25, 1999
Heavy Metal

These dancing steelworkers from Down Under let loose after giving their all onstage -- and it isn't Disneyland they head for.

January 18, 1999
The Trouble with Harry Winston

When he died in 1978, Harry Winston left his two sons the most prestigious diamond emporium in the world. Now their decade-long battle has gotten so nasty that neither one may get the company. Nina Burleigh reports on the fight for the family jewels.

January 11, 1999
The Real Methadone Problem

In criticizing the city's methadone-treatment programs, Mayor Giuliani may have done the right thing but for the wrong reasons. Where does that leave recovering heroin addicts?

January 11, 1999
The Mod Squad

Banished to the sidelines during the art world's post-eighties hangover, painting is finally back in the picture. But the new generation of New York painters is smitten with technology, suspicious of hype, and avowedly sober.

January 4, 1999
The Warrior's Peace

Ariel Sharon has had many lives: legendary Israeli general, bloodstained pariah, prodigious builder of settlements, sheep farmer. Now, as Israel's foreign minister, he's navigating Israel -- carefully -- toward peace. The question is, how much has he really changed?

January 4, 1999
Her Private Devil

In his heyday, Jerzy Kosinski cut a wide, bizarre swath through New York's literary and sex-club scenes. One of his constant companions was a young law student. This is their story.

December 14, 1998
Big Man on Canvas

Painter John Alexander commands high prices and famous friends. But his social calendar may be costing him art-world respect.

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