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Leo, Prince of the City

Maguire, according to the $10 million lawsuit filed in L.A. Superior Court in April by David Stutman, the film's producer, became concerned that "improvisational comments he had made during the Film revealed personal experiences or tendencies that would undermine his public image," and so he leaned on his "longtime friend," Leo, to block it, although DiCaprio allegedly didn't much care whether anybody saw it or not. At one screening, DiCaprio said he " 'really, really liked the film,'" says Stutman's suit. "He jumped out of his seat several times, laughing, clapping, and high-fiving his friends."

"Do you girls masturbate at all?" Leo asks in one scene. "Stop looking at me like that -- I'll fucking throw a bottle at your face, you goddamn whore."

The film was pulled from Sundance. Miramax is no longer interested in investing. Maguire and DiCaprio's "campaign" against the movie makes "potential buyers, distributors and others afraid to offend DiCaprio," say court papers.

Leo and the Ladies

"The pussy posse" didn't get its name for nothing. "When you're my age," DiCaprio says in The Leonardo DiCaprio Album, "your hormones are just kicking in and there's not much besides sex on your mind."

The gossip mill has produced a Cannonball Run of beauties supposedly "linked" to Leo: Alicia Silverstone, Juliette Lewis, Kate Moss, Kate Winslet (who said, "To me he's just smelly, farty Leo"), Demi Moore (Bruce was in Delaware shooting a movie), Claire Danes (who called him "immature"), Bridget Hall (who told me, "Nothing happened," refuting the Globe, which quoted her as saying, "He was lousy in bed. The sex was bad"), Sharon Stone (Leo said, of their screen kiss, "I was expecting a little more from ol' Sharon, y'know? Actually, she hurt my lip").

And yet DiCaprio still can't seem to shake the rumor he's less than interested in the company of women. "If I want to go to a party with a few male friends, it doesn't mean I'm gay!" Leo has said. Totally, dude. After all, Sinatra hung out with Don Rickles, but that doesn't mean he was having sex with him, either. "Leo is not gay," laughs still another young L.A. actor who has hung out with his crew. "Leo's all about girls."

But no wonder if Leo's had it with all the young ladies trying to get their names in bold print next to his. Take the case of Vanessa Haydon, the 20-year-old blonde Wilhelmina model and New York native who caused a mini-sensation after she was seen nuzzling Leo at that premiere party at Moomba for James Toback's Two Girls and a Guy, in May.

Star, May 26 (breathless): "Leonardo DiCaprio has fallen hard for a stunning young model -- and pals say this time it's love. The superstar is so smitten with blonde beauty Vanessa Haydon that he's now a one-woman man."

"He never dated her," Cindy Guagenti says flatly. At least one person saw DiCaprio walk out of an after-party for a Tony Shafrazi Gallery opening at BondSt. just as Haydon was striking up a conversation with a gossip columnist about how happy Leo was to finally be with someone as "down to earth" as she.

"Vanessa played the media really well," says a young man who has known Haydon since they were going to "teenyboppers" (or teen nightclub events) together. "Now she's all dolled up and ladylike and shit, but she used to be this hard-rock in leather and baggy jeans. She was a total gangster bitch."

"She was an ill thug," says a girl who attended the Dwight School with Haydon. "She went out with this Latin King for like three years."

In her yearbook, Haydon was voted Most Likely to Wind Up on Ricki Lake. Instead, she made it into "Page Six," which reported in May that her handlers were charging Sydney newspapers $15,000 for advance publicity stills while Haydon was Down Under shooting the cover of Australian Harper's Bazaar. "Vanessa Haydon got game," says another former schoolmate.

But no matter. Leo's supposedly on to an 18-year-old Russian modelette from Moscow, Alyssa Sourovova; or at least he was for a night -- again, at Moomba. Later that same week, however, he was with David Blaine at Ten's, the strip club on West 21st Street. I just missed them, but a dancer whispered hotly in my ear: "He comes in here with all his friends and sits back like the Mack Daddy -- he doesn't even tip!"

At Life, where I also did not find Leo, I talked to a drag queen named Meeka who looked exactly like Naomi Campbell (with whom Leo also reportedly had a dalliance this year). "He's cute! He's right now!" Meeka shouted thoughtfully above the theme to Titanic, which had been set to a pounding disco beat. "When all the 17-year-olds become 22-year-olds, he'll have faded, but right now, he's right now."

"And that's," she added, "what it's all about."

One night when I got home after looking for Leo, there was a message on my answering machine. A group of young guys -- they all sounded drunk -- were laughing and cutting up in the background. It was kind of strange. The speaker was telling me that if I wanted an interview with him, I'd have to "make a deal" along the lines of doing something for him that Monica did for Bill. "Then maybe we'll talk!" he laughed.

I'd been trying to get in touch with Leo.

But nah, I thought; it couldn't be Leo.

Leo and the Law

It was the kind of night the posse should love: It was all about them -- or, that is, Leo. The premiere of The Man in the Iron Mask was showing at the Ziegfeld Theater; Leo entered to the tearful wailing and undergarment-pelting of hundreds of teenage girls. The after-party at the New York Public Library was attended by everyone who was anyone -- but even most of them couldn't get upstairs into the extra-exclusive chamber where Leo and some of his entourage, which included Jay Ferguson and David Blaine that night, puffed on imported cigars. They'd just been down to Cuba.

Elizabeth Berkley made it into the upstairs party on the invitation of an L.A. publicist named Karen Tenzer, a partner in the firm Michaels, Wolf and Tenzer, which counts among its clients Gabriel Byrne, who co-starred in Iron Mask as Leo's Musketeer. Not long after Berkley, best known for her flashy role in Showgirls, started mingling, Tenzer took her aside. "She said, 'Jay Ferguson and Leo are going crazy for you, and they want you to come to Elaine's after this -- without Roger,'" says Berkley, whose hapless boyfriend, actor-director-whatever Roger Wilson (he starred in Porky's I and II), was nearby, getting some food.

Berkley asked, was this some kind of joke? Tenzer, she says, knew she lived with Wilson here in New York; the couple had recently had dinner with Tenzer and Byrne while in Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. "'They're going nuts for you,'" Berkley says Tenzer laughed.