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May 22, 2000
Summer Food: Mother Cooks Best

Lidia Bastianich, the city's First Lady of Italian food, has created a corner of her Adriatic homeland on Little Neck Bay. Her Sunday lunch ritual suggests food is too important to be left in her restaurants.

May 22, 2000
Summer Entertaining
May 22, 2000
Summer Food: Race Courses

Speed needn't kill sophistication, as this elegant menu by 71 Clinton's Wylie Dufresne proves.

May 22, 2000
Summer Food: Playing the Float

Floats used to be kid stuff. But the tart, racy ones turning up -- in full Technicolor -- on New York menus are strictly adults-only.

May 22, 2000
Summer Food: The Dinner Dance

Elegantly choreographed, meticulously stage-managed, played with finesse and humor, a fête is a performance. Party artists Han Feng, Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler, Nina Griscom, and Clodagh share stage secrets.

May 22, 2000
Summer Food: The Swim Team

Eight fast, fantastic recipes from eight top chefs -- using fish caught in local waters -- prove that fish is the summertime champion.

May 15, 2000
Inside the Happiness Business

Before a drug like Celexa can ease the minds of patients, marketers must capture the minds of doctors -- using free gifts, dinners, propaganda, and research funds. A hard look at the hard sell.

May 8, 2000
House of the Rising Ronsons

A battalion of young Ronsons, armed with talent and virtually inexhaustible celebrity connections, have overrun Manhattan social life. Where did they get their precocious gifts? From their parents, of course. A hip-hop Edith Wharton tale.

May 1, 2000
Bubble Trouble

Nobody said those gravity-defying dot-com stocks would stay up forever -- at least, nobody will admit to it after the past two weeks. It's a cruel new world out there. Take it from James Cramer, an e-millionaire who's crashed and learned.

April 17, 2000
Washed up at 35

Haven't made it yet? Feeling paranoid about the hyperambitious 23-year-old planning his IPO in the next office? Don't worry -- too much. Welcome to the new midlife crisis.

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