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July 12, 1999
Crashing the Party

The convention's more than a year away, but the Gore and Bradley camps are already waging a townhouse-to-townhouse fund-raising war in Manhattan. Gore may have the Establishment clout, but Bradley's got the excitement. . . . Say what?

June 28, 1999
Aimless Rider in Topless Car

Five swell convertibles that just needed to be taken out for long, long rides.

June 28, 1999
Helluva Summer

Murder, drugs, group sex, Reggie Jackson, and wall-to-wall disco: Sounds like New York in 1977. Welcome to Spike Lee's idea of fun.

June 28, 1999
Ricky Gets Real

Pop's freshest prince holds forth on music, Madonna, fame, freedom, and fear. (Did we mention sex?)

June 28, 1999
Gorillas in our Midst

Being a celebrity gorilla isn't easy. But with the help of a posh new African-style habitat, a new flame, and his family, the Bronx Zoo's Timmy is getting his life together.

June 28, 1999
Water Tables

New York has never been known for its waterfront dining. But with some new options along the shore -- and some irresistible old favorites -- the tide is starting to turn.

June 21, 1999
The Drudge Report

The white-shoe firms are making more money than ever, but success bears an onerous price tag. It's the blood, sweat, and tears -- outrageous hours and brutal infighting -- that have made practicing law no fun anymore.

June 14, 1999
Class Struggle on Park Avenue

The Upper East Side is where those on the way up -- bidding up real estate, wearing too much jewelry -- are in constant conflict with those on the way down. A new chapter in the age-old war between new money and shabby gentility.

June 14, 1999
To Have and Have More

You thought you were succeeding, with your good job, your apartment, your summer share -- until the stock-market boom and the Internet came along and redefined success.

June 14, 1999
Spree Well

Wall Street's spending habits have never been so irrationally exuberant. Take a chauffeur-driven Mercedes CLS sedan to your Boeing jet and make it out to your South Fork McMansion just in time for dinner at Nick & Toni's. It's all about keeping up with Ron Perelman.

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