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Real Estate Archive

May 28, 2001
Super Power

The only force powerful enough to deny a Master of the Universe a co-op? The super, man.

May 21, 2001
Chelsea Battles

West Chelsea is the city's hippest 'hood. But will its factory vibe survive being colonized by developers?

May 14, 2001
Movie Stars Strike?

Has the threat of strikes by Hollywood's Prada-clad proletariat put Manhattan real estate in turnaround?

May 7, 2001
Apartment Hunting: The Novel

With her new novel, ex-Corcoran broker Jennifer Belle makes a play to be the poet laureate of the Manhattan apartment hunt.

April 30, 2001
The Fall of the Loft

With downtown developers struggling to fill the vast emptiness of their loft conversions, the days of "white box space" are over.

April 23, 2001
Contractors: Returning Your Calls At Last?

During the real-estate boom, contractors were as cocky as dot-com execs. Are they going to be returning your calls at last?

April 16, 2001
Bears in the Hamptons

Summer rentals are already down. But will the bears save the Hamptons from being paved over with insta-mansions?

April 9, 2001
The Penn South co-ops

Penn South was subsidized workers' housing decades before Chelsea became fabulous. Will its duffel-coat-clad residents vote to join the party?

April 2, 2001
The Art of the Steal

One little market crash, and the scavengers are circling. But sellers won't let them get something for nothing.

March 26, 2001
An Anti-Car Conspiracy in Chelsea?

The city's a thicket of construction cranes, and new buildings are crowding out the delicate parking-lot ecosystem. Where do the cars go now?

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