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July 10, 2006


Will Shortz
I have followed Will Shortz’s career since our undergraduate days at Indiana University in the early seventies [“The Puzzlemaster’s Dilemma,” by Clive Thompson, June 19]. His room was always filled with puzzles, and he often had conundrum sessions that lasted into the wee hours. His stint at Games and his weekly Sunday NPR segment entranced me. Although I do not purport to have the intellectual capacity to always successfully complete his puzzles, his “haven’t we met before?” attitude makes it fun to enter the fray.
—John Ribar, Louisville, Ky.

AIDS Timeline
When I received your magazine a few weeks ago, I rolled my eyes at the Epcot Center–like cover [“2016,” by Alexandra Lange, June 5]. When I finally finished reading the grueling account of next new hottest areas, I came upon the fascinating retrospective marking the 25th anniversary of the first medical report on what later became known as aids [“AIDS in New York: A Biography”]. Thankfully, because I was stuck on a subway, I had time to read through “2016” and get to the heartbreaking account of how this epidemic affected us so close to home.
—Melissa Shiffman, Manhattan

Correction: Contrary to a statement in “Vu: What Went Wrong at Astor Place?” (by S. Jhoanna Robledo, June 26), only five apartments remain unsold in the new building at 165 Charles Street.

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