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August 14, 2006


Emily Nussbaum’s compassionate article on UrbanBaby was a welcome jolt in the sometimes ironic stance of media that deal with the realm of privileged women in America [“Mothers Anonymous,” July 24]. Even in our liberal, well-­educated society, it is plain to see that women are still No. 2. It’s true that our generation is different. We have grown up with a sense of individual identity and power. But it seems as soon as we enter into the marriage contract and begin a family, we are shuttled right back to 1952.
—Sarah Moon, Brooklyn

As the now-grown daughter of a mother who told me that she never wanted me and complained to me about her sexless marriage, I can say that it’s only a matter of time before these innocent children see, firsthand, their mothers’ unhappiness and frustrations, the same way I did.
—Barbara Cutler, Manhattan

Wow. How do I do it? I support a family of five on an “insignificant” salary, love my non-­cheating husband, and have actual friends to share my secrets with. After reading “Mothers Anonymous,” I feel superhuman.
—Nancy Smith, Manhattan

Surely my friend’s husband isn’t the only guy who logs on to UrbanBaby and pretends to be a horny, disgruntled mom?
—Audra Hughes, Manhattan


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