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June 11, 2007


Cramer, Like a Fox
Jim Cramer has proved beyond doubt that he is crazy. Like a fox [“Cramer vs. Cramer,” June 4]. His piece was wonderfully irreverent, incisive, and entertaining—this from someone who can’t stand watching him. But I have more respect for the man, who so clearly draws the line between the person and the persona.
—Malcolm Carter, Manhattan

This City Cares
I was happy to participate in “The Survivor Monologues” [May 28]. However, to clarify: My cancer journey did not make me “depressed” about being a lawyer; rather, it made me rethink how I would like to spend my life. I thought if I were to live, I’d want to do something joyful and meaningful. After recovery, I started a nonprofit, the LifeLab, to help young adult survivors rebuild their lives after treatment. Previously, there had been little support for those in their 20s and 30s who had had the good fortune of hearing the doctor say, “Good-bye, you’re done, enjoy your life.”
—Jodi Sax, Manhattan

Thank you for sharing Rose Tisnado’s positive experience with Visiting Nurse Service of New York Hospice Care in “The Survivor Monologues.” For many New Yorkers like Rose, VNSNY Hospice Care provides the assistance and support needed for care at home. And for some, moving to the hospice residence when living alone is no longer viable brings relief and security at a most difficult time.
—Jeanne Dennis, Executive Director, VNSNY Hospice, Manhattan

The Joy of Reading
Thanks for your book hunt, which featured two books I have read [“Culture: The Best Novels You’ve Never Read,” June 4]. I will now follow your list, starting with David Markson’s The Last Novel.
—Ann Marie Romano, Ansonia, Conn.


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