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Comments: Week of March 2, 2009


1. Jessica Lustig’s profile of fashion addict and serial shoplifter Kevahn Thorpe (The Fashion Thief,” February 23) inspired a hearty round of the Blame Game among readers. Other than “society” and the magazine itself, the chief target was Thorpe, who was called a variety of names, among the nicest of which was “kleptomaniac.” One opined that he has “a serious psychological issue.” Others attempted to show more understanding and empathy, and there was quite a bit of advice offered: “Kevahn, I sincerely hope you learn some self-control. You’re too cool to be a bitch to the correctional system for the rest of your life. Get a job, take your risks there, and the rest will surely follow.” Another hoped he would get a genuine shot at working in the industry he loves: “Maybe someone in the world of fashion will read this article and be moved to help this young man use his talents and intelligence in a positive way so that he can earn enough money to buy the things he craves, with his own credit cards.”

2. Our cover model, Kate Moss (I Am a Woman Now,” February 23), came in for a dose of love and hate as well. “She is wonderful,” raved a fan. “Quite real and honest.” Another Moss supporter chimed in, admiring the genuine quality of Bert Stern’s photographs: “Seeing a not overly stylized shoot is refreshing. Kate looks great as always, and there is something endlessly charming about her imperfections.” Those very same qualities struck some readers in a completely different way: “I love Kate, but in these pictures she looks about as rock and roll as my grandmother.” Some couldn’t make sense of any of it: “She’s got a new ‘line’ out but says she’s ‘not a designer … can’t draw a dress … ’ and in all your photos of her she’s basically nude.”

3. Statistical whiz Nate Silver, whose blog FiveThirtyEight became the finest crack for political junkies everywhere during the election, broke down the Oscars (Oscar Predictions You Can Bet On!,” February 23), and we discovered that Hollywood fans are no less fractious than the electorate. There’s way too much detail to go into here, and by the time you read this, you’ll be able to go online and check his accuracy for yourself. But here’s a little taste of what readers had to say: “Oh Nate, you were so esteemed in my book. Until now. Over the previous eight years at the Oscars, I have found eleven situations where an acting nominee from a non–Best Picture film bests one from a Best Pic nom. So Taraji P. Henson looks to be the prediction to tarnish your record.” But, of course, some refused to accept any criticism of their man: “Never ever ever ever ever question Nate Silver. You’ve been warned.”

4. During Fashion Week last week, there was significant movement in the top-ten most-viewed models on the Model Manual,’s exhaustive portfolio. Agyness Deyn has been displaced!

Fashion Week Rankings
February 2009
1. Jessica Stam
2. Agyness Deyn
3. Allie Crandell
4. Daisy Lowe
5. Chanel Iman
6. Coco Rocha
7. Adam Senn
8. Jourdan Dunn
9. Lakshmi Menon
10. Cole Mohr

September 2008
1. Agyness Deyn
2. Daisy Lowe
3. Abbey Lee
4. Arlenis Sosa
5. Chanel Iman
6. Petra Nemcova
7. Karlie Kloss
8. Suvi Koponen
9. Jessica Stam
10. Cole Mohr


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