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Beauty Archive

January 10, 2005
Recovery Plan

I overdid it during the holidays, but I’m too busy to take a break. How can I fake a weekend in St. Barts?

February 5, 2001
Makeovers for men

Plus: so-it-yourself cleansers from Bliss

July 30, 2001
Fragrant foot soaks...

...Calypso Homme, and the latest in cell renewal

October 17, 2005
Seven Ways to Makeover

What “give me a new look” means, at a selection of cosmetics counters around the city.

June 6, 2005
The Organized Outdoors

This time of year, I can’t bear to be inside on the treadmill or in some basement taking a spinning class. Are there any fun, organized, outdoor fitness options?

May 23, 2005
Forever Scarlet

Red lipstick is hardly a new concept: It’s Helmut Newton, it’s boudoir, it’s femme fatale—and it’s awfully easy to get wrong. What should be dramatic and sexy gets sloppy and sad when smeared, and there’s nothing worse than a veiny, migratory spread. How can I get it right, and make it stay?

May 9, 2005
Neighborhood Retreats

I’m in dire need of total-escape pampering, but I don’t have time for a three-day getaway. I’ll pay for the privilege, but where can I get a spa experience within cab distance?

April 18, 2005
Light Effects

I’m finally packing away the quilts and sweaters, but what about my skin and hair? Should I be switching to a spring routine?

April 18, 2005
The Perfect Prescription

How the pill bottle was remade—sensibly and beautifully.

April 4, 2005
The New-Pill Parade

Suddenly, vitamins that are supposed to improve my skin, my hair, even my nails are at every cosmetics counter. What’s in them—and are they safe?

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