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Agenda Newsletter - April 25, 2007


Agenda Top Pick Watch this cult classic
Tears of the Black Tiger
Magnolia Pictures; $26.98; buy it

Did someone say "delirium-inducing crash course in international trash"? Why, yes, that was David Edelstein describing this unhinged Thai mash-up, which pilfers brilliantly from classic Westerns, shoot-'em-ups, splatterfests, and even melodramas. (It recently played to packed houses at Film Forum.) The extras are mingy, but this cult classic was made for DVD—the only way to savor all the brilliant shots and gimmicks is to play it again. And again ...

Populist Read this juicy tell-all
How Sassy Changed My Life: A Love Letter to the Greatest Teen Magazine of All Time
Oh. My. God. Sassy, the best teen magazine ever, is back—or rather, the story of its buzz, backlash, and downfall is now out. And it's juicy: Jesella and Meltzer report on everything from editor Christina Kelly's scandalously pitiful severance to founder Jane Pratt's disastrous nineties talk show. Even the book's colorful design is a kickin' tribute to the rag that helped launch riot grrl. By Kara Jesella and Marisa Meltzer
Farrar, Strauss, & Giroux

Interview with the authors  »
Indieist Go to this critics' reading
It's okay, everyone—you can leave the house. Moistworks, the MP3 blog, has long invited authors to post—and indeed, write about—music they love. Tonight, the site goes live with three top essays: Susan Choi reads a soaring paean to record stores, Jenny Offill tells of tearing up to Rocketman at Rite-Aid, and Sam Lipsyte dissects the history of sad robots in rock—all, of course, while editors D.J. the accompanying music. Tonight
7 p.m.

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Square Hear a top violinist
Anne-Sophie Mutter
Sure, Anne-Sophie Mutter has glamorized violin soloing: There's her unexpected divorce from André Previn, that intense onstage presence, and, let's face it, the woman works a strapless gown. But she backs it all up with flooring talent, particularly on the Berg Violin Concerto. (Her recording's considered definitive.) Meditative, urgent, and supremely tragic, it was Berg's last composition—and it's the ideal performance piece for the extraordinary Mutter. The New York Philharmonic
Avery Fisher Hall
7:30 p.m.

More info  »

Brooklyn Philharmonic
Ride to Redemption

The last concert of the season combines Gorecki’s dreamlike Symphony No. 3 with an audio-visual show. We’ve got a pair of tickets for one lucky winner! Take a chance now

Aesthete Watch modern dance meet the Beastie Boys
Stephen Petronio Company
If Petronio had a slogan, it would probably be "We do the dancing for you." Last year his company lured hipsters into downtown's experimental-dance scene by collaborating with Rufus Wainwright (whose tender set won over audiences and critics). This spring's program of five works ups the energy with a visceral performance keyed to music by Wainwright, Nick Cave, and the Beastie Boys. Even an ABT-loving blue hair could get down with this. The Joyce Theater
7:30 p.m.
Ends 4/29

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Kids Play this video game
Rayman Raving Rabbids
Few video games even elicit chuckles, but this one has us positively cackling. You play Rayman, a goofy prisoner forced to battle bloodthirsty, bucktoothed rabbits in a Gladiator-style arena, where you hurl cows and attempt to drown your floppy-eared tormentors in carrot juice (they wear snorkels). The game's already a hit for Wii, and though Nintendo's special controller maximizes the fun, it's sure to become an Xbox classic. Ubisoft
For Xbox

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Monday April 25, 2007
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