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Agenda Newsletter - May 4-6, 2007


Agenda Top Pick Cop tickets for Wu-Tang and Rage right … now
Rock the Bells

Randall's Island; June 29; $83; tickets

Is it 10 a.m. yet? If so, stop reading immediately and buy tickets to this show—we'll wait for you. Back? Congratulations. You're going to see the best Rock the Bells lineup yet: the reunited Rage Against the Machine, playing one of just five confirmed dates; re-reunited Wu-Tang Clan, touring behind the new 8 Diagrams; and Public Enemy, celebrating twenty years in the game. And they're bringing friends, including Mos Def, EPMD, and Mr. Lif.

Populist Hear the one about Brangelina's unborn child?
Sherrod Small
You may recognize this professional funnyman from VH1’s Best Week Ever, where he opines on topics ranging from the sluttiness of The Hills cast members to the rumored nationality of Madonna’s next baby—and actually makes them funny! Though he’s a fixture at the Comedy Cellar, where he can be heard telling jokes about waiting for Brangelina’s unborn child to turn 18, Small should shine even brighter at the classier—but not too classy!—Comix. Comix
May 4 and 5
8 p.m.,
10:30 p.m.

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PopulistLast-minute tickets for My Chemical Romance!
PopulistSpider-Man 3. Spider-Man 3. Spider-Man 3.

Indieist Hear friends of Björk get noisy
Konono N° 1
Talk about reducing your carbon footprint: This sprawling, 25-year-old Congolese collective got its start playing instruments created from scavenged car parts—left behind, no less, by Belgian colonialists! Their cacophonous reimagining of the trancelike Bazombo music recently caught Björk’s interest: They play on her new album and open two of her shows this week. But we plan to catch this headlining gig, where there’s no worry of anything hemming in their most raucous impulses. Bowery Ballroom
May 5

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PopulistBliss out to the sultry Brightblack Morning Light.
PopulistSex, city, etc.: Lesley Dormen reads.

Square See proof that Tribeca Film Fest matters
The Treatment
Tired of Tribeca Film Fest yet? Here’s a movie from last year’s marathon, finally landing in theaters! One of 2006’s few successes, Oren Rudavsky’s quiet, tweedy drama adapts Daniel Menaker’s novel about an overtherapized teacher (Whit Stillman alum Chris Eigeman) who gets stuck between a hot widow (Famke Janssen) and his intense Freudian psychoanalyst (Ian Holm). Shades of Annie Hall? You bet—the teacher’s last name is Singer, just like Alvy’s. Opens tonight

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PopulistOpening: Eugene de Salignac’s iconic city photography.
PopulistScientist Natalie Angier on "Things We All Need to Know."


Letters From Iwo Jima, The Good German, and The Fountain on DVD
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Aesthete Delve into an imaginative new album
Wacky but true: The Leslie Feist who sang backup for raunchy electro provocateur Peaches (using the stage name Bitch Lap-Lap) is the very same chanteuse responsible for these delicate, almost jazzy folk songs. On her unexpectedly great new album, the Canadian singer-songwriter’s lilting voice threads some of the most original melodies—and meditations on romance—that we’ve heard in many moons. And then there's the marvelous DIY choreography in the widely circulated video for "1 2 3 4". The Reminder

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PopulistBig-timers Lehman, O'Rourke read new poetry.
PopulistJohn Zorn gets avant-garde on your ears.

Kids Introduce them to a new kind of puzzle
Piecing It Together: A Mosaic Workshop
How's this for inspiration? Before heading into the studio to learn how to make their own mosaics, the kids here get a guided tour of the St. Columba Chapel and Great Choir, where the ceiling is decorated with Tiffany-designed glass-and-gold tiles and intricate inlaid patterns line the floor. And what do they take home? Whatever they create using buttons, beads, and real tiles. Just don’t count on a cathedral for your retirement. Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine
May 5
10 a.m.–

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PopulistBattery Park’s “Sunset Singing Circles” gets rolling.
PopulistIndian-inspired dance, Japanese drums—need we say more?


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Monday May 4–6, 2007
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