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Agenda Newsletter - May 9, 2007


Agenda Top Pick Brooklyn lit phenom to read—and sing!
Joshua Ferris

Happy Ending Reading Series; Tonight; 8 p.m.; free;
author interview
more info

We’ve long been fans of this raucous reading series, with its shabby-chic locale, musical interludes, and demand that each author do something nutty. Brooklyn lit phenom Joshua Ferris—author of the deeply satisfying office satire And Then We Came to the End—won’t be exposing his breasts (like Noy Holland did), but he does promise a sing-along demonstrating his “questionable voice, spotty memory, and tortured relationship” with his iPod. Hold your applause until the end, please.

Populist Fast-rap kings reclaim crown
Flow Motion
You’ve probably heard the sappy and really rather good “I Tried,” Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’s comeback single featuring Akon—if you haven’t, we’ve heard it plenty for you. But Cleveland’s fast-rap-and-soul kings (now a trio: Flesh-n-Bone’s locked up, Bizzy Bone’s flying solo) remind us of what made them weird and great in the first place with “Flow Motion,” their new album’s entrancing, rapid-fire opening track. It’s driving music but damn good through headphones on the subway, too.
Bone Thugs-
Strength and Loyalty

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Indieist Get a Crash Course in Hong Kong’s Scorcese
Election and Triad Election
Johnny To’s gangster epics are Hong Kong’s equivalent of the Godfather movies, so it’s no surprise that Film Forum just extended the run of Election and its action-packed sequel—or that stacks of his DVDs can be found on Mott between Canal and Bayard. For To at his toughest, see Triad Election, then pick up Running on Karma, which casts tough guy Andy Lau as an exotic dancer who fights crime in a ridiculous rubber muscle suit. Film Forum

Tickets for Election »
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Square Magic and art intersect!
Angels of Light: Ethiopian Art
This condensed show of illuminated manuscripts, icons, paintings on wood panels, and other Ethiopian religious paraphernalia proves that magic and art were once inextricably bound together. Many of the paintings here were made in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and depict Jesus, Mary, and their extended family and disciples. Most make you grasp that Ethiopians created a powerfully original artistic tradition by combining their own myths and history with those of Africa, Italy, and Byzantium. The Museum of Biblical Art
May 20

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Aesthete Terror movie pushes the genre forward
Day Night Day Night
More than five years after September 11, there's diminishing shock value in imagining a terror attack on New York, but writer-director Julia Loktev has nevertheless generated controversy by examining the final hours of a woman about to blow herself up in Times Square. David Edelstein writes that the film, a hybrid of white-knuckle thriller and psychological portrait, is a "cunning exercise in subjectivity and withheld information." We don’t recall reading that on any World Trade Center posters. IFC Center
Opens tonight

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Kids Sneak a peek at fall’s best kid show
Yo Gabba Gabba!
It might seem overeager to recommend a show six months before its debut, but our preschooler can’t get enough of the advance clips for Nick Jr.’s Yo Gabba Gabba! Whether deliriously dancing to the show’s infectious theme or attempting to beat-box along with Biz Markie’s Beat of the Day (yes, Biz Markie), kids love the wild energy. Being a measure more sedate, we just love the visual style, which crosses Kidrobot with Sid and Marty Krofft.
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Monday May 9, 2007
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