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Agenda Newsletter - May 17, 2007


Agenda Top Pick Witness the best evidence of the LES gallery revival
Foam of the Daze

Smith-Stewart; Closes May 20; Slideshow; More info

Amy Smith-Stewart’s one of the better curators around, and here she gathers lots of raw talent. Don’t miss Marilyn Minter’s semi-photorealistic painting of Pamela Anderson, which you might’ve seen in the magazine; it makes her look like a sensitive beauty. Also strong: a Kate Gilmore video of the artist trying to undo a rope tied around her ruby-slippered foot. Here’s the best evidence that the LES is once again an exciting place to see art.

Populist Tour showcases butchy dance moves
Gwen Stefani
"I want to apologize for acting stank,” says Stefani on “The Sweet Escape,” her latest how-can-you-not-love-it club hit. No apologies necessary! Pop’s princess has been out-Madonna-ing Madge for years now, and this tour proves it: Her previous life as a legit punk—okay, ska chick—means there won’t be (much) lip-synching, and the polished choreography comes complete with butchy No Doubt dance moves. (And don’t forget to play spot the Lady Sovereignettes.)

With Akon and Lady Sovereign
Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
May 20
7:30 p.m.
Tickets  »


Arctic Monkeys'
Favourite Worst Nightmare
CD and 12" Brianstorm Single

Win muscular, manic new releases from the "Best Band Since the Beatles." Take a chance now

See recent Agenda winners
Indieist Rufus Wainwright isn’t having it
Release the Stars
Rufus Wainwright, everyone’s favorite Judy Garland fan, inflects the torch songs on his latest swoon-worthy disc with genuine wit—like on the title track, a clever swipe at closeted Hollywood celebrities that will make you want to lean against a piano with an extra-long cigarette. There’s genuine anger, too: “I’m so tired of you, America,” he croons on the charmingly unpatriotic, bittersweet single “Going to a Town.” Well, Rufus, the feeling isn’t mutual.

Rufus Wainwright
Buy it  »

Square Original insult comic meets Mr. Nice
Don Rickles and Regis Philbin
Now 80, the insult comic who gave Dean Martin himself the rough treatment shows his mellow side with the rich new memoir, Rickles Book, which takes us from his upbringing in Queens right up through his Hollywood salad days. But do we really expect Don Rickles to keep his cool in the ingratiating presence of Mr. Nice, his interviewer and perhaps television’s easiest-to-insult man? Let's hope, at least, that Rickles asks Regis whether Stevie Wonder picks his clothes.

Street Y, Kaufmann Concert Hall
7:30 p.m.
Tickets  »

Aesthete Get an early taste of the Magnum Festival
Chim: Photographs by
David Seymour
Sixty years ago David Seymour (known professionally as “Chim”) founded the legendary Magnum photo agency with fellow wartime chroniclers Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and George Rodger. This mini-retrospective features over 25 of Chim’s moving U.N. commissions, including rarely seen images of female munitions-factory workers during the Spanish Civil War and post-WWII photographs of the Middle East. Think of this as a precursor to June’s highly anticipated Magnum Festival, a celebration of documentary work.

International Center of Photography
Through September 9
More info  »

Kids New Vaudevillians take it to the next level
Cirkus Inferno
It’s not opera, there’s no circus, and the performers aren’t really daredevils—but we’re going anyhow! We predict a word-of-mouth-fueled rush on seats: The Ontario-based duo—a kind of Abbot and Costello of the New Vaudeville age—appear here rarely, and since their last stint, they’ve worked with a master clown and director. But they haven’t gone all glitzy—the two still climb all over the audience and make crazy cartoon noises. Also: There’s fire.

Daredevil Opera Company
New Victory Theater
Various days and times
June 10
More info  »


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Thursday May 17, 2007
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