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Agenda Newsletter - June 12, 2007


Agenda Top Pick Queen of Media speaks on the People's Princess
Tina Brown

Barnes & Noble, 33 East 17th Street; 7 p.m.; Feature

Tina Brown has edited everything from Brit rag The Tatler to The New Yorker. Is her biography of the People’s Princess, The Diana Chronicles, tawdry or high-minded? Does her sympathy for a fellow blonde Brit and interest in "social context" trump her allegations of—no!—premarital sex with the prince? Be one of the first to find out, from Tina herself, and to pick up a copy of a book most reporters will see today for the first time.

Populist Comedienne ups reality TV's camp factor
Kathy Griffin: My Life on the
The new season of this Emmy Award–nominated reality show finds the celeb-obsessed Griffin one frizzled hair closer to fame—last week's premiere covered the comedienne's stand-up gig at Carnegie Hall, where she mostly joked about run-ins she's had with Lindsay Lohan (who supposedly called Griffin “da bomb”). She's not subtle or cutting-edge—the name of her one-woman show is “Everybody Can Suck It” —but this is reality camp at its finest.

Season 3
10 p.m

Indieist Rap producer writes bizarro blog
The Megatron Don
What does an A-list hip-hop producer do when not making hit records for Jay-Z, Cam'ron, and Diddy? Just Blaze collects old Penthouse magazines, explores different methods of tying his shoes, and vents about shifty sales tactics at Best Buy. Curious as to what he thinks of Jack Kevorkian or the latest Prada-designed cell phone? Check out his newly formed blog. He has also posted beats from when he was 14, saying, "Have a laugh at my expense."

By Just Blaze
Read it  »

Square Exquisite films restored
Late Ozu
It's impossible to watch certain films on bad prints—especially something as exquisitely restrained as the cinema of Yasujiro Ozu. His works were in terrible shape until Janus Films and the Criterion Collection stepped in, scrubbing clean and digitally perfecting the five mature films collected in this must-have set. The highlight? Early Spring, a classic story of an office worker who falls for the woman at the next desk.

Criterion Collection
Out today
Criterion blog »
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Aesthete Immerse yourself in an artist's mysteries
Trisha Donnelly
On April 5, 2002, Donnelly rode into this gallery on a white stallion, outfitted as a Napoleonic soldier. She then ceremoniously read a proclamation which concluded with the words “The emperor has fallen and he rests his weight upon your mind and mine, and with this I am electric. I am electric.” We’ve loved her work ever since. This show’s filled with tiny hints of the potent magic lying at her art’s complex heart. Don’t expect to understand anything; just go.

Casey Kaplan
June 14
More info  »

Kids Let them customize cars at no cost
Little gearheads will cry “no fair!” (and you may rejoice) when they discover that Ridemakerz—the tough-boy answer to the megapopular Build-a-Bear Workshop—is opening toy-car-customizing stores out of state long before rolling into New York. But on the Website, kids can trick out a car or truck—choosing the model, color, wheels, trim, sound effects, and even license plate—and send it to friends. Just hide your credit card: The site, of course, is also an online store.

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Tuesday June 12, 2007
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