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Agenda Newsletter - August 28, 2007


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Agenda Top Pick Cronenberg goes way over the top
Eastern Promises

The Museum of the Moving Image; 7:30 p.m.; Opens everywhere tomorrow; Review; Showtimes

David Cronenberg, one of our all-time favorite directors even before A History of Violence; LL Cool J’s favorite naked fight scene ever; and (related) Viggo Mortenson’s junk: This movie, starring Mortensen as a Russian-mob affiliate and Naomi Watts as a nosy bombshell, has it all. The gory fight scene you’re not likely to see equaled this year, or maybe this decade. You can get standby tickets for the 7:30 p.m. screening and talk by Cronenberg at the Museum of the Moving Image if you show up an hour or so in advance.

Populist The Boss asks, “What’s my name?”
Radio Nowhere
You can keep your Killers, your Hold Steadys, your Arcade Fires: No one does Bruuuce like Bruce. This swelling screed against corporate-radio—the first single off Springsteen’s new record Magic, out later this month—kicks like a pissed-off horse. The Boss scans the radio dial, hearing a “thousand gee-tars” and “pounding drums,” and knowing he’s got them in his back pocket the whole time. Late as it might be in his career, we wouldn’t expect anything less.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
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Indieist Scuzzballs celebrate NYC as we know it
Modern Mayhem
Hating on the “Disneyfied” Times Square is a sure sign of a tired old rocker. Downtown vets A.R.E. Weapons have a love for New York that transcends nostalgia. In "Let's Go to Times Square," off this, their latest disc of inspired electro-scuzz, they boast of getting high and hanging out at ESPN Zone and shopping at the NBA store. Contrarians to the core, they also serve up jams like "We Don't Care," "We Don't Care Pt. 2," and "F What You Like."

A.R.E. Weapons
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Square See Jerry Lewis at his most ridiculous
Geisha Boy
It's hard to settle on Jerry Lewis's most ridiculous movie, but a strong case can be made for this 1958 farce: Monsieur Lewis plays a second-rate magician who goes on a USO tour; at one show he makes a young Japanese boy laugh for the first time since the tragic death of his father. The two soon form a bond, and Jerry hits on the kid's hot aunt. See the enfant terrible of American comedy at his best-worst.

6 p.m.
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Aesthete Decadent Berlin D.J.'s invade New York
Marcel Dettmann
The laid-back Cielo can't compare to the Berlin club Berghain: The former power plant is known internationally for drugs, public sex, and, yes, parties that extend well into the next day. Berghain also boasts Panoramabar, a smaller room that hosts the world's best techno D.J.'s. Panoramabar resident Marcel Dettmann redefines minimalism, playing techno that connotes not so much chilly control as a nasty cyborg bacchanalia. Tonight, with Ryan Elliott of Spectral Sound, Dettman will shake Cielo up.

Berghain Night
11 p.m.
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Kids Let them watch it, too
Fraggle Rock: Complete Third Season
Rabid adult fans were behind the first-season release of eighties-era hit Fraggle Rock, which featured a dazzling underworld of playful, morally upright Muppets, but creator Jim Henson was just doing it for the kids. This season-three box set is stocked with 24 adventures starring Gobo, Mokey, Red, Wembley, and Boober consulting a trash heap for life advice, snacking on mini-Muppet Doozer’s tasty scaffolding, and exploring the trash bins of "Outer Space" (i.e., our world). Watch it with your young one—or don’t!

Lyons/Hit Ent.
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