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Agenda Newsletter - September 28-30, 2007


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Agenda Top Pick Look past the hype…
The New York Film Festival

Lincoln Center; September 28–October 16; $16–$20; The return of the N.Y. auteur; More info

The NYFF kicks off this weekend—hooray! But tickets to many films the magazine features are sold out—boo! You can join standby lines for movies like Married Life or—right now—buy passes for the screening of Julian Schnabel’s Cannes hit The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (pictured). And there are several less-hyped movies—comedy doc Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project (practically a sequel to The Aristocrats) and The Romance of Astreé and Céladon, purportedly Eric Rohmer’s final film, the most promising among them.

Populist …But don’t miss out on Wes Anderson
The Darjeeling Limited
And speaking of hyped-up, sold-out movies playing the New York Film Festival: One of them opens in other theaters Saturday! And it’s Wes Anderson’s new film! Maybe you’re of the opinion that Wes is not currently doing his best work. Know, then, that this hit-or-miss family saga ends with a tremendous hit. Says David Edelstein, “The final sequence saves the film.” Suffice it to say that said sequence involves an “irrationally great” Anjelica Huston—and some new tricks up Anderson’s vintage sleeves.

Fox Searchlight Pictures
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More weekend picks
PopulistBrooks & Dunn, Alan Jackson bring the country to us.
PopulistGarner, Cooper steal The Kingdom.

Indieist Gorge on fancy books
The NY Art Book Fair
Celebrating the homespun as much as the powerhouse (or high-powered), this fair lends credence to the idea that the art book itself approaches art. More than 120 exhibitors—international distributors, independent publishers, artists, and antiquarian dealers—will present everything from the 'zine to the tome. The events include book launches, performances and signings by prominent artists like Aleksandra Mir and Marilyn Minter, and a Martin Kippenberger retrospective.

548 W. 22 St.
Through Sunday
11 a.m.
More info  »


More weekend picks
PopulistMargaret Cho gets even raunchier!
PopulistTicket alert: the lush Pinback.

Square Hear Bernstein analyzed
West Side Story at 50: The Mind and Music of Leonard Bernstein
Sure, you’re still trying to get "Stay Cool" and "Somewhere" out of your head. But there's no denying the beauty and staying power of Leonard Bernstein's music, and West Side Story's but one example of that. Starting Sunday, the good Dr. Richard Kogan will probe Lenny's psyche. Count on talk of Bernstein's famously conflicted sexuality, but know that Kogan, a rather good concert pianist as well as the holder of a Harvard psychiatry degree, will also play bits of Bernstein's best.

Dr. Richard Kogan
September 30–October 1
7:30 p.m.
More info  »


More weekend picks
PopulistJourno Susan Shapiro shares writing secrets.
PopulistUp-and-coming mezzo-soprano in The Wreckers.

Aesthete Bones inspire art superstars
I Am As You Will Be
Nobody does death better than the crop of art-world megastars (Warhol, Dalí, Picasso, Pierson, Tuymans, Broodthaers, Bourgeois—we could go on), brought together for this creepily titled group show. The impressive body of work, scattered throughout the gallery, aptly demonstrates the versatility of our precious bones. Be sure to check out Alice Neel’s prescient self-portrait, Damian Hirst’s bio-lab-worthy life-size skeletons, Jenny Holzer’s archaeological installation, and Wim Delvoye’s sexually explicit X-ray.

Cheim & Read Through November 3
More info  »


More weekend picks
PopulistNC-17 goes arty: Lust, Caution.
PopulistFor kicks: Dumbo Dance Fest.

Kids Discover what the U.S. has been missing
Comet in Moominland
The Moomins—a laid-back, artsy bunch of creatures that originated in a series of Finnish storybooks by Tove Jansson—never became the huge hit here that they are in Europe and Japan. So we're excited to see the arrival of this adaptation melding puppetry with theater. Listen for Jansson's Scandinavian minimalism in the narration while the action unfolds on four tabletop stages under a large white tent, with all the kids sitting in the middle.

Manitoba Theatre for Young People The Duke
Through October 14
Tickets  »


More weekend picks
PopulistIntroduce her to Judy Blume—literally!
PopulistOpening: wacky Mamet play.


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Friday September 28-30, 2007
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