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Pete Hamill

October 6, 2008 |
Brooklyn Revisited

The author returns home to find that everything, and nothing, has changed.

December 12, 1987 | Features
The New York We've Lost

Once there was another city here, and now it is gone. There are almost no traces of it anymore, but millions of us know it existed, because we lived in it: the Lost City of New York.

May 26, 2008 |
June 5, 1968: The Last Hours of RFK

A remembrance of that awful night—and a brief, powerful friendship.

June 23, 1969 |
The Great White Hope

There has always been a racial and ethnic undertone to boxing, and for a guy like Jerry Quarry, a white heavyweight with an Irish background, to come to New York now is a fight promoter's dream.

July 14, 1969 | Features
Brooklyn: The Sane Alternative

From an old Brooklyn street, the spires of Manhattan are like a vision of "some strange, exotic city across the river."

April 14, 1969 | Features
The Revolt of the White Lower Middle Class

"... It is imperative that New York politicians begin to deal with the growing alienation and paranoia of these people. They can't wait much longer; it's almost the point of no return ..."

December 19, 1980 | Features
The Death and Life of John Lennon

The news arrived like fragment of some forgotten ritual. Yes: Somebody had murdered John Lennon.