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Fashion and Shopping Archive

April 9, 2007
Marie-Claude Nechvatal, Fashion Consultant

"French women always have a little something that makes it. They have a touch."

April 13, 2007
Pre-Registry Reconnaissance

You’re going to live with them forever, so take a weekend to see your future heirlooms in 3-D. We map out the fastest route (and where to break for lunch).

April 13, 2007
Blue-Chip Items

In a city of bantam apartments, where long workdays lead to unfussy domestic routines (takeout, again?), the temptation to over-register must be resisted. Below, a dozen items that won't end up returned, in unopened boxes gathering dust in your parents, basement, or even worse, stowed under your bed.

April 13, 2007
Ask an Expert: The Gown Designer

“Girls ask, ‘Oh, how am I going to dance in this?’ Dancing is not the essential part of the wedding; the ceremony is.”

April 2, 2007
Attack of the 6-Foot Women’s Stores

West 39th Street has been overrun by statuesque female shoppers.

April 2, 2007
Road Worthy

You don’t have to own a car to gear up.

April 2, 2007
David Reeves

"If you’re getting three years out of a suit, wearing it once a week, you’re doing all right."

April 2, 2007
Jane Eadie Opens on Elizabeth Street

In New York, a store packed with exotic-travel ephemera is far from exotic. The freshest arrival is Jane Eadie, a tiny boutique stuffed with ­statement-making jewelry from Argentina, Brazil, and Italy.

March 21, 2007
The Find: Sunglasses

Just in time for longer days, our shopper hunts down shades.

March 26, 2007
The Case of the Snippy Fashion Blogger

Style Sherlocks sniff out clues.

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