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Nightlife Archive

November 10, 2008
Simon’s Mom Isn’t Shocked by Box

Den (of iniquity) mother.

February 11, 2008
The Everything Guide to Belt-Tightening

How to bag free designer haircuts, score gourmet lunches for a fiver, and trim the excess fat off your spending budget.

January 29, 2008
Your New Favorite Bar

Our monthly look at notable nightlife openings.

January 4, 2008
Eight-Minute Absinthe

Late last year, the first-ever (legal) shipment of absinthe reached our shores—and, with it, inspiration for New York's restless beverage innovators. Herewith, the city's premiere

January 7, 2008
Village Gate to Swing Again

What’s red and fishy?

December 24, 2007
33. Because You Can Party on the Way to Your Party

What with being a public-transportation hub located in the nightlife capital of the universe, the Union Square L-train stop emits roughly enough excitement to meet the partying needs of most fundamentalist theocracies for a year.

December 11, 2007
Stoked at Midnight

Serious about making the last moments of 2007 count? Spend them taking in the drunkest Guns N’ Roses tribute band, the most rockin’ improvised musical, or the world’s very best house D.J.

December 3, 2007
Old School vs. New

One hip-hop fest celebrates the genre’s up-and-comers; the other, its very beginnings.

November 26, 2007
Who Needs Turkey?

Unlike their pop counterparts, the city’s jazz haunts don’t take a breather for Thanksgiving. (The following all had tickets available at press time.)

October 23, 2007
Boozing Is Better in Bed-Stuy

Brooklyn Lager isn't found on tap in this part of the borough. Shoot-em-up hole-in-the-walls of lore are hard to find, too. Instead, stumble into these Bed-Stuy drinking establishments that have flashy dance floors and a preference for top-shelf booze. Plus, one hole-in-the-wall just for kitsch

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